Startups Struggle Stratified

Shambavi Balse

9/8/20232 min read

Startups Struggle Stratified

Makeup karne ki umar me startup kholneka sapna he ? Are you of those cool Gen Alpha types who dream of having their own Startup one day ?Do the ever growing and widely spreading success stories bolster your own expectations from yourself ?Well suit yourself because as fun as it sounds ,having your own startup is not a piece of Cake .Join us through a( not so) hilarious journey of the struggles faced by Todays startups that might or might not change your mind

1. But I don’t have money for that- This is a world with people full of big ideas but small budgets .Getting funding for the startups can be as difficult as getting acknowledged by your crush . Venture capital firms typically target well established firms making it difficult for entry level baby startups to get funding to finance their operations .So do you think you’re smart enough to get a Shark Tank funding ?

2. My angry nemesis – Remember your school topper whom you always tried competing against? ,well brace yourself to experience the very same Rat race again .In the universe of fierce competitors and people whom you think are doing so much better than you,newly established startups find it rigorous to survive and many of them quit before they even start with their business

3. The ignorant Corporate Clown- Do you often delude of being That over achieving businessman who swims in a pool of cash and coins .Well wake up my man !Nothing is going to come true if you don’t work hard enough .A good understanding of the current affairs in the business world and endless research is crucial if you wish you operate a successful startup !If you don’t work hard enough , then keep dreaming on!

4. My boss said we’re a big happy family -Ego clashes are real ,if you’re employees have a cat fight over the slightest of issues in the office ,you’re startup will definitely survive not survive long enough In order to have a successful operation of your business activities ,employees need to coordinate among themselves and think about the companys interest before their owns

5. Think before you act -Well if your startup is into manufacturing a colour changing nail cutter or a skirt for your pet Parrot,you might need to think again. Consumers only invest their money into products whom they think are useful and are worth their time and money. So do your research like a good boy and manufacture the products which people would actually buy .