Giving back to society is more than just a slogan, for us, it is the heart of our very organization. MONETA® is committed to making a difference spanning the length and breadth of India, from the eastern shores to the western frontiers, and from the northern peaks to the southern landscapes. Through Learn India campaigns, team MONETA® aims to empower and educate underprivileged children. Our initiative also targets teenagers, potential student entrepreneurs, and differently-abled students in order to prepare them to manage financial resources at their optimal level.


Learn India is an integral part of MONETA® since we at MONETA® believe in empowerment through education. At 'MONETA® 2023', participants from colleges across the country will also join in our cause to spread financial literacy as they endorse our modules and teaching in their localities as CSR activities.

"वसुदैव कुतुबकम्"

Life is more about what we give to the world than what we keep to ourselves. We, as Indians, have been raised in a land that epitomizes humanity. We believe in "वसुदैव कुतुबकम्" meaning "The world is one family" which emphasizes that all-inclusive growth is the best way forward.

Aspiring to bring a ray of light to a few lives, we have taken an initiative of teaching basic grammar and general knowledge to visually impaired children, by utilising the medium of audio modules. We are extremely fortunate to have found certain schools to collaborate with us for this cause. We hope that our small steps can help children rise above their disability and take a leap towards a brighter future.