Moneta 2018

The 'Alchemy' of Finance

'Alchemy' is defined as the process of transmuting a common substance to one of great value. Presenting: Moneta 2018: The 'Alchemy' of Finance. Where knowledge meets zenith!

12th - 15th December, 2018

About Us

'Moneta' is a national level financial-markets festival which aims at development of the financial knowledge of aspiring students. It is the first such event by any under-graduate college in India. Moneta encompasses the entire spectrum of financial markets by hosting various enriching competitions, informative seminars and interactive workshops.

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The 'Alchemy' of Finance

The 'Alchemy' of Finance hopes to holistically enhance your understandings in the running of an establishment right from the basic decisions to the ultimate of dominating the market.

So this year at Moneta, float your own business, incorporate your company,
increase your profits and examine, appreciate and be inspired by innovation!